Cruising Skipper Prep

Cruising Skipper prep is designed for those who already have the skills and knowledge to be a skipper, but just need some time to practise and consolidate those skills.

Cruising Skipper prep is a weekend live aboard program with a small 1:3 student to instructor ratio. Students will work through longer practical navigation exercises taking bearings, plotting positions underway and use other information to navigate such as depths and transits both in daylight and at night. There will also be opportunities to practice docking and manoeuvring under power in a variety of scenarios, anchoring, picking up a mooring and emergency procedures. The small student to instructor ratio allows the course to be catered to students skill levels.

The course is designed to prepare students for skippering a cruising vessel.

Upcoming Courses:

CSP 2: Planning Session 25 March 6-8.30pm. On board 10am Sat 28 March – 3pm Sunday 29 March. $690. Course Full. Email Ocean@rpnyc.org.nz to waitlist.

CSP 3: Planning Session 15 April 6-8.30pm. On board 10am Sat 18 April – 3pm Sunday 19 April. $690.


We want you to have a good time on the course and learn as much as you can. If forecast for the weekend you are scheduled to do your course isn’t suitable for the course aims we will do our best to reschedule you. In the event you cannot make a rescheduled session, we will offer a refund.