Harbour sail – Adventure Wellington

Come down to the Ocean Sports Centre and go for a Harbour Sail. Each sail lasts for a little over an hour and depending on the wind will take you to places such as Queen’s Wharf, Oriental Parade and Evans Bay.

This activity is only available for members of Adventure Wellington

You don’t need any experience … just some warm clothing and a pair of sports shoes. We provide the sailing jackets and safety equipment. It doesn’t mattter what the weather is like … we almost never cancel. If it is fine then there is no place more beautiful … if it is windy then there is no place more exhilarating!

[tabs][tab title=”What to wear”]This course has an on-the-water component. Dress warmly, even in summer. A wool or polypropylene base layer is a good idea, with at least one more warm layer on top. We provide you with a good quality set of breathable waterproof gear (pants and jacket) along with a lifejacket. A hat and sunglasses are also a good idea. Make sure that you have a strap or similar so that you don’t lose these overboard![/tab]

[tab title=”Weather information”]This course is weather dependent. We will go on-the-water if it is safe to do so, but if it too windy, too wet or too cold, then we might have to stay ashore.[/tab]

[tab title=”Upcoming courses”]No courses are scheduled at the moment. Please contact us (ocean@rpnyc.org.nz or 04 939 6702) to express interest.[/tab][/tabs]