Coastal skipper

An advanced course covering coastal navigation, weather, passage planning, and seamanship. This prestigious course and its qualification is a certificate of competency intended for anyone wishing to make coastal passages outside immediate harbour limits.

This is a theory only course of 55 hours in total covering coastal navigation, coastal weather and coastal passage planning, with an exam for each module.

The optional exam fee and course pack are not included in our price. These are an additional $389.

Pre-requisites before award of qualification are:

  • Boatmaster Certificate
  • VHF Operators Certificate, and
  • 200 hours sea time.

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Coastal Navigation

  • The Nautical Chart
  • Courses & Bearings
  • Magnetism & The Magnetic Compass
  • Fixing Position
  • Tides & Tidal Streams
  • Allowance for Set & Drift
  • Marine Radar
  • GPS

Coastal Weather

  • Marine Forecasts & Weather Maps
  • Air Masses, Fronts & Pressure Systems
  • Clouds & Fog
  • Terrain effects on Weather
  • Sea, Waves, & Swell
  • Passage of Systems over New Zealand

Passage Planning Assignment and Oral Assessment

Undertaken as an Individual Assignment

  • Passage Planning

Tested or Discussed at an Oral Assessment

  • Collision Regulations
  • Equipment & Instruments
  • Ship Handling & Stability
  • Emergencies and Distress Signals
  • Master’s Responsibilities and Obligations


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